In October 2010 we installed a new state of the art edging line, the consists of two “Bottero Titan” double edging machine, a 90 degree load transfer table, and a integrated Vitrododi washing machine, this set up allows us to edge glass between 200mm x 200mm up to 2000mm x 1600mm.

The annealed glass is placed on the first machine, two edges are simultaneously edged by 10 cup wheels on each side which is made up off 4 diamonds wheels, 1 resin wheels and 5 polish wheels. The glass is then passed onto a load transfer table (all without the aid of manual intervention), the glass is then fed into the second edging machine, it then square’s up the glass before it works the remaining edge’s off the glass. The glass is then fed into our washing machine, which removes all the dirt and grime that has built up.

The glass is then inspected against the work sheet, and toughened if applicable or sent to our finishing line for final assembly / packaging.

This allows us to produce polished glass up to 5 times faster than our previous capabilities.