Esquire Glass have been processing glass for 40years. We are the UK’s leading independent processors of glass for the furniture industry, focusing on glass for internal use for both the domestic and commercial markets, our business ethos is based on a resolute determination to deliver the best quality products from an extensive range of glass types and designs at a competitive rate.
Over the past few years we’ve heavily invested in new machinery which enables us to produce a wide array of services/products all under the one roof.


Our Toughening facility allows us to toughen glass to a maximum size of 1.3m x 2.7m at a rate of 20 beds per hour

Our automatic shape cutting table ensures total accuracy and consistency.

We have two CNC machines which enable us to cut shaped pieces of glass, with a high quality finish.

We have two straight line edgers and our newly installed double edging facility.

We have 2 high capacity straight line bevelling machines producing in excess of 1000 linear metres of glass each day.

Our in house equipment allows us to match over 30,000 colours including Pantone, RAL, WCP, NCS and reputable brands.


This facility enables us to colour glass in-house on both toughend and annealed glass (please see the Colouring section)

Decorative leaded glass – hand crafted this gives a unique individual design at all times and our team of experts, the customer or a combination of both can commission the designs.

Glass is enhanced in door units and is designed to create light and space, various types of glass finishes are available, screen, bevelled, patterned, and float glass are available and our in house design can provide you with the style and finish that you require.

Mirrored glass gives a whole new concept to kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom ranges. They are available in various styles from the traditional plain mirror to bevelled, frosted, screen printed and brilliant cut to give both modern and contemporary styles.

Screen-printing a very modern/contemporary way to enhance style to a piece of decorative glass. All the inks used are environmentally friendly being water-soluble. Each design is done on the surface of the glass with a screen mesh.

Film opens up a whole new world to the possibilities for decorative glass, it is used to give a different style of coloured glass effect, either one or more colours can be used – depending on the style/design that you require. A bespoke team is available to help you match the style, design and ambiance that you require.

Resin on glass gives a similar effect to leading and a specialised computer giving a modern effect carries this out. The colours and techniques vary and you will find this very durable.


Esquire Glass our pleased to introduce our Roller Coated coloured glass range. We can now colour match in house to over 30,000 colours. We can also match RAL, WCP, PANTONE, NCS and reputable brands. This product comes in four thicknesses 4, 6, 8 and 10mm. This new exciting glass is available Toughened (EN12150) or annealed with Fira approved Safety backing. Our coloured glass gives kitchens and bathrooms a modern contemporary look and can be quickly and easily installed.

Applications: Splashbacks/upstands, worktops, breakfast bars, shelves, door panels/ glass doors, bedroom wardrobe doors, environmental separations.

Pattern Glass: Esquire Glass also offer patterned glass. This is a two print/colour design. We can match patterns or you can come up with your own designs. (minimum order quantities apply) (Below are only representations of the glass colours available, we can match any colour for you from the colour spectrum)


A contemporary way to compliment plain, patterned, textured, screen printed glass which can add a different depth and style to any kitchen, bedroom and bathroom range, giving a clean crisp finish every time.

We offer three different door profiles in a variety of different anodized finishes.

45:2 section: This profile lends itself to solid coloured/heavy tinted glasses, it has a 1.5mm section at the front that will protect the edge of the glass, to the rear the frame is 45mm thick that can be drilled for a standard 35mm hinge.

50:10 section: This profile can be used with any glass, its very popular with tinted and textured glasses, the frame is roughly 10mm to the front and 50 to the rear. Drilled for a 35mm hinge.

20mm section: This profile has been popular for along time and usually used with textured glass, as suggested in the name this is a 20mm box section. Drilled for a stanadard 20mm hinge.

19:3 section: This profile is heavily used for the kitchen and bathroom market and as suggested in the name this is a 19mm back, 3mm front box section.

Popular finishes: Matt, Stainless steel, Chrome, Black and White.Other colours can be obtained but would be volume led.

We also use aluminium ‘U’ sections, these are adhered to mirrors then wall hung.

We currently use two profile: 40x40x40mm and 27x38x27mm.


We pack to our customers own specifications, using a variety of materials. Card,foam,bubble wrap, Air cushion, film wrap… We also have tapes and stickers that notify people of its glass content Over the years we’ve found more and more customers desire a finished product which includes packaging and bar code labeling

Esquire Glass deliver throughout the UK using our own fleet of vehicles. We also export our product into Europe using international haulage firms/vehicles. Our products are delivered by the following method (again at the customers request)

Stand pallet
Palletised boxes
Chep Pallets
Euro Pallets
‘A’ frame stillage (usually for larger items)